Narda IDA 2

Interference analysis or other spectrum analysis can quickly be performed by the IDA 2 and then if necessary the source of the interference can be located using the built-in direction finding capabilities of the instrument.

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The clue is very much in in the name for this interference and direction analyser from Narda Test Solutions.

Standard spectrum analysers are often used where a dedicated interference analyser provides a much greater chance of success or probability of intercept (POI) when searching for low level, sporadic or hidden signals. Then into direction finding and the directional antennas with built in electronic compass integrated with the unit’s software again make the task quicker and easier than with a standard spectrum analyser with DF tools bolted on as an afterthought.

So what do you need to detect, analyse and locate RF signals? A fast sweep rate of 12 GHz/s, resolution bandwidth ranging from 10 Hz to 20 MHz and good sensitivity with a noise figure of 7dB all help the detection. An I/Q analyser with real time trigger, spectrograms with time resolution to 1 µS and digital afterglow (persistence spectrum to identify in-band interference) help the analysis and the embedded GPS receiver, compass and automatic triangulation of signal bearings displayed on a map make the location as simple as it can be.

Key Features

  • Scanner/receiver/analyser/DF 9 kHz to 6 GHz
  • Extremely fast with a sweep rate of 12 GHz/s
  • Sensitive; noise figure of 7 dB
  • Embedded GPS receiver & electronic compass
  • Automatic triangulation of bearings
  • Relatively light weight hand-held device

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