Narda NRA RX

The NRA 3000 RX & NRA 6000 RX from Narda Safety Test Solutions have receiver characteristics making them particularly suitable for spectrum monitoring applications.

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A range of third party software packages can provide remote spectrum analysis, multi-channel power display (up to 500 channels easily showing occupied & unoccupied channels), level meter (zero-span with precise separation from adjacent channels) and scope & IQ data (with time resolution to 32 nS). Applications include monitoring for unwanted or illegal signals, decoding / parsing, and quality of service (QoS) measurements.

The NRA 2500 is ideal for use in DSNG vehicles and teleports for satellite tracking, antenna alignment and carrier monitoring. An Ethernet interface and ACII text remote control commands enable integration into most measurement environments. Large amounts of data can be transmitted rapidly in binary format.

Key Features

  • Radio reconnaissance & surveillance
  • Signal demodulation & decoding
  • Spectrum occupancy measurements
  • Signal analysis & classification
  • Coverage measurements

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