Nardalert S3

The Nardalert S3 replaced the Nardalert XT but when selecting models also consider the Radman 2 LT & XT.

NS3 Radman link microtek

The award winning designs of the Nardalert XT and Radman monitors are based on many years of experience.

The Nardalert S3 is the only personal monitor that uses a thermocouple and low frequency displacement current sensor. This means it can cover low frequency applications like LF or MF broadcast as well as accurately monitor pulsed systems such as radar - this is something that simple diode based monitors won't do in many circumstances.

Sensor technology was improved in the Nardalert S3 by re-designing not only the sensor itself, but also by packaging it in a field replaceable package that contains all the electronic data necessary to maintain calibrated operation. This feature allows your Nardalert S3 to stay in service without costly logistics to keep multiple units calibrated – a major advantage for any EMF safety programme. With a new sensor cartridge your Nardalert S3 mainframe will always be capable of supporting new standards and even different fields or frequencies, allowing future expandability and extending longevity. 

Key Features

  • Field replaceable sensor modules
  • Color LCD display & multi-colour alarm LEDs
  • USB interface for data and charging
  • Interchangeable lanyard and belt clips
  • Comprehensive software included
  • Fiber optic port for remote monitoring

Download the Nardalert S3 Datasheet

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