RadMan2XT 2LT 5G

The RadMan 2LT competes head to head on price with other low cost monitors. Unlike those other monitors the RadMan 2 is designed and manufactured in Germany by Narda, the world leader in EMF safety solutions, providing the reliability, quality and full specifications that you expect in a safety device.

The RadMan 2XT is also a cost effective solution when you need to cover higher frequencies e.g. the 5G FR2 band (as well as covering lower frequency applications such as MF broadcast). Both units are supplied with a belt/climbing harness adaptor and lanyard for operation away from the body. Again both models have an alarm response shaped to ICNIRP reference levels and data logging capability. Battery life is very good with up to 800 hours of operation on a single charge, charging is via a standard USB-C connector. The maximum recommended calibration interval is a healthy 3 years and our calibration facility in Basingstoke provides the quick turnaround required to make sure units are available when you need them .

New RadMan 2LT & XT models are held in UK stock for quick delivery.    

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Key Features

  • RadMan 2LT; low cost, 50 MHz to 8 GHz
  • RadMan 2XT; 900 kHz to 60 GHz 
  • Long battery life (800 hours)
  • Rugged IP65 design
  • Automatic sensor test
  • Wide frequency monitoring up to 8 GHz (LT) or 60 GHz (XT)

Radman 2 Description

The RadMan 2LT and RadMan 2XT Radiation Monitors are designed to provide a warning when field strengths are starting to become significant with regard to permissible exposure levels - typically 'Action Levels'. When workers are required to enter the immediate area around sources of relatively strong fields like broadcast, telecoms or radar systems the Radman 2 is used as a flexible, easy to use, rugged personal warning device that is capable of providing accurate alarms in multiple signal environments such as rooftops or towers. Alarms are generated in terms of a percentage of the Action Level i.e.100% represents the maximum that workers should be exposed without further investigation and action (hence Action Level). To provide a margin of safety most employers use 50% alarms to trigger further investigation.   

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Display and warning signals

The actual field exposure level is indicated in six steps from 5% to 200% by LEDs. The percentages refer to the proportion of the power density limit value specified in a safety standard. If the field exposure level exceeds 50% of the limit value, the device vibrates and emits a loud alarm tone. There is also a bright light in the top part of the RadMan 2 that can be easily seen from various angles. The light flashes red in time with the alarm signal. A second, more persistent alarm sounds when the 100% threshold is exceeded, warning the user to leave the danger area.

Standard compliance by means of shaped frequency response

The permitted limit values specified in the standards vary according to the frequency. Weighting filters in the sensors of the RadMan 2 simulate the frequency response of the standard. They ensure that the alarm thresholds are correct over the entire frequency range. A setting is not necessary.

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Usable in near field and far field conditions

The otherwise fixed relationship between the electric and magnetic fields does not apply in the near field region. Both types of field, therefore, need to be checked. RadMan 2 is equipped with both E-field and H-field sensors, so it provides reliable warning regardless of the distance from the radiation source.

Minimal body effect

Personal monitors are generally worn on the person. RadMan 2 is supplied fitted with a suitable attachment and RF absorber that allows it to be fixed easily to a harness or belt. The RF absorber reduces the signal reflections caused by the body which would otherwise affect the result displayed by the monitor. If needed, the RadMan 2 can be released from the attachment with one hand in order to determine the field exposure away from the body with an isotropic directional characteristic. An elastic security cord between the device and the attachment prevents the device from being dropped.

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Automatic sensor test

The newly developed sensor test provides additional assurance. The correct function of each sensor is checked every time the RadMan 2 is switched on. The device does not need to be checked anymore with a test generator before starting work.

Data logger for permanent recording

The RadMan 2 saves the exposure values for the E-field and H-field continuously and adds a timestamp to each data set. The ring memory concept allows unlimited storage by overwriting the oldest data. The user does not have to worry about anything. If necessary, the exposure data can be analysed easily.

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PC software

The RadMan 2-TS software allows the contents of the data recorder to be transferred to a PC via the USB interface. The maximum exposure values that have occurred as well as the averaged values can be displayed as a table or as a graph versus time using this software. It can also display live exposure level values and it can be used to configure the RadMan 2XT. The latest version is available for free download.

RadMan 2XT functions

The RadMan 2XT has more functionality than the RadMan 2LT. The E-field sensors of the RadMan 2XT are suitable for a wider frequency range that extends from about 1 MHz up to 60 GHz. The device is therefore able to warn of excessive levels of directional radio, radar signals and 5G millimeter waves in this frequency range. To ensure that pulsed signals (e.g. radar) are reliably detected, the integration time can be changed from 1 s (Normal Mode) to 30 ms (Pulse Mode) on the device itself. The setting is displayed on the device. The data recorder of the RadMan 2XT is equipped with a larger memory, and the save intervals can be user configured.The additional RF Detection Mode with its tone search function enables precise localization of leaks in waveguides and coaxial screw connectors. As the pitch of the tone changes when the field source is approached, this feature can also be used to quickly and simply check that an antenna has been switched off.

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