rf microwave rotary joints

Rotary joints are required where high-frequency signals have to be transmitted between a fixed platform and a second rotating platform. Applications include commercial and defence radar systems such as air traffic control (including units for continuously rotating radar systems, S-Band or C & X-Band), satellite communications and medical systems.

We provide both coaxial contacting rotary joints & contact free rotary joints in frequency ranges from DC to 40 GHz. We can incorporate coaxial or waveguide designs into complete slip ring assemblies.

Our dual channel units have excellent isolation between channels some with very compact outlines for where space is critical. We also offer much larger units for S-band air traffic control radar and similar systems.

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Key Features

  • low loss
  • High power
  • Compact design
  • Excellent VSWR
  • Minimal variation of performance during rotation
  • Dual channel rotary joints
  • Ka band units for satellite on the move (SOTM)

Rotary Joints Description

Within the Link Microtek design team we have nearly 100 years of combined experience in RF & microwave technology, so we have the capability to develop and deliver the rotary joint combination you require.

We offer coaxial, waveguide and multi-channel rotary joints.

We have many standard units but our customers usually require some form of custom design. Please fill out the contact form below giving brief details and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

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