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Narda-MITEQ’s satcom product line includes frequency converters, translators, redundant switchover units, amplifier systems, video products, INMARSAT products, equalizer products, uplink power and control products.


Narda Miteq

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A rich heritage in satcom solutions across L,C, X, Ku, K, Ka & Q bands include: synthesized frequency up & down converters, single & multiband block converters, LNA, LNB & redundancy systems, test translators, beacon receivers, amplifiers, LNA/FO integrated products and various custom assemblies.

A patented  1RU 1/3 rack solution provides space saving configurations: redundancy, three channel amplifiers, FO Tx & Rx, switchover  and test translator block configurations in 1RU.  Numerous combinations e.g. a 1:12 redundant equalizer configuration in a third of the rack space.

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