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Our products are designed for Distributed Antennas Systems (DAS) that are installed in high capacity venues such as stadiums, airports, railway stations and underground lines, shopping malls, hotels and hospitals etc. We also support both special event and general RAN applications.

Our telecoms expertise goes back to the very first mobile phone networks. As a result we’re able to develop our product lines with the right specifications to meet network requirements and with a market leading price structure. Our aim is always to provide quality products at affordable prices. Our expertise means we’re able to provide technical support to help you find the best solutions for POI (point of interface) designs.

We offer 3800 MHz 5G ready products with low PIM (passive inter modulation), -155 dBc or better, with various connector configurations. We hold many of our standard products in stock to support quick delivery but if you don’t see what you need then we’re always happy to work on new requirements: either new product types or developing specifications of existing products.

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