Radar warning receivers (RWR), missile warning receivers (MWR) and other EW receivers

AWT Global radar simulators are ideal for Electronic Warfare (EW) applications, radar receiver testing, training radar operators on object detection & recognition.

They offer a variety of simulation capabilities; including radar warning receivers (RWR), missile warning receivers (MWR) and other EW receivers. Capable of generating up to 128 simultaneous CW or pulsed signals units are available covering 500 MHz to 40GHz.

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Radar Simulators Key Features

Replicates real radar signal characteristics (frequency, phase, pulse, modulation, scan)
Simulation scenarios: AOA, radar activity, virtual missions
19 inch rack mount & portable models available
Signal data library with up to 1024 entries

Radar Simulators


AWT manufacture a range of other test equipment & components including passive intermodulation (PIM) analysers including the PS1L range covering the TETRA frequency range.

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