CCI PIM testers are truly designed for field use. By definition PIM testers are bulky pieces of equipment so to improve portability PimPro units are supplied in a backpack.

All units can provide 2 x 40W with simultaneous real time PIM & return loss measurements and distance to PIMPoint & distance to fault information on the same display. Models cover all common global wireless frequencies with some units covering two bands.

More about CCI PIM testers

PIMPro Tower & PIMPro Smart series

The PIMPro Tower series demonstrates the synergy of CCI’s in-house engineering expertise in both amplifier and filter design. Add ergonomic portability and easy to use GUI and it’s easy to see why PIMPro devices are a favourite for site use.

The range has been updated with the PIMPro Smart series which is configured for fully integrarted remote control using an Android tablet alongside all the PIMPro features: variable output power 17 to 46 dBm x 2 (50mW to 40W x 2), simultaneous real time PIM & return loss, automatic GPS site location, distributed antenna system (DAS) test feature, distance to largest PIM source plus distance to fault impedance reflections on the same graph and more.

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