Direction finding (DF) & signal analysers

Combine the SignalShark with the automatic direction finding antenna (ADFA) and you have a powerful monitoring system.

ADFA covers the frequency range 10 MHz to 8 GHz and has high DF accuracy, high immunity to reflections, can identify a signal bearing in 1.2 ms and is available with a mag-mount kit for mobile applications or can be used in a fixed location as part of a permanent direction finding and monitoring system.

ADFA Key Features

Fast – bearing info in 1.2 mS
Azimuth/elevation data
Internal compass
DF & spectrum monitoring
High DF accuracy
Quick setup



ADFA  provides the means to quickly and efficiently identify and locate sources of interference, unwanted,  illegal or hostile transmitters. The unit can quickly be installed on any vehicle using the magnetic vehicle mount or can be installed in a fixed location for long term monitoring & DF applications.

Coupled with the SignalShark analyser a bearing can be found in as little as 1.2 mS, that’s less time than it takes to press the Tx button on a walkie-talkie. High quality DF is provided by nine dipole elements feeding  an intelligent localisation algorithm to generate a heatmap display capable of locating sources even in urban environments.

The unit includes an omnidirectional antenna element enabling spectrum monitoring as well as the DF function. Typically auto DF antennas only provide bearings in the same horizontal plane as the antenna. The Narda ADFA can take vertical bearings i.e. determine the source elevation, particularly useful in hilly terrain or built up areas where a Tx might not be at ground level.

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