Direction finding & signal analysers

The SignalShark real-time remote analysers have been specifically developed for remote operation.

The SignalShark Remote offers all the signal monitoring benefits of the hand held unit but in a 19 inch 1 HU rack mount or smaller custom housing (ideal for vehicle installation). It’s a Windows 10 based open platform so ideal for running third party spectrum analysis and decoding software.



SignalShark Remote Key Features

Fast scan rate of up to 50 GHz/s
40 MHz real-time instantaneous bandwidth
FFTs up to 16,384 points with at least 75% overlap
SCPI & VITA 49 based I/Q streaming
Four switchable RF inputs
Auto DF antennas for AOA & TDOA systems

SignalShark Remote


With an excellent RF  front end the SignalShark family blurs the boundary between analysers and receivers.

Used by regulators and security/defence organisations around the world the high FFT overlap ensures consistent detection of extremely short and/or infrequent signals  – ideal for radio monitoring applications where you really don’t want to miss a single signal event. Connecting a SignalShark to a DF antenna turns the device into a sophisticated means of locating unwanted signals, either on the move or part of a fixed system.

True flexibility via different software options including SCPI reference commands and VITA 49 based I/Q streaming makes system integration relatively easy, but it’s the excellent RF characteristics that mean you capture signals that other systems miss.

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