Signal analysis & Direction Finding (DF)

Unlike generic handheld spectrum analysers Narda offer a number of easy to use features dedicated to direction finding and signal analysis.

Operating over the frequency range 8 kHz to 8 GHz the SignalShark combines a frequency scanner/receiver, transmitter detector, spectrum analyzer, signal analyzer and triangulation software in a single mobile (or fixed) device. DF kits include precision directional antennas with built in switchable preamplifier and electronic compass as well as the ADFA auto DF antenna.

SignalShark Key Features

Extremely fast scan rate up to 50 GHz/s
40 MHZ real time instantaneous bandwidth
Powerful live persistence spectrum to identify hidden signals
100% POI for signals >3.125 µS
High dynamic range (HDR) receiver
Supports automatic direction finding



The SignalShark is a highly capable stand alone device for various laboratory tasks such as EMC related design and development but equally at home in the field for spectrum monitoring or interference hunting and other direction finding tasks.

Used in conjunction with either handheld DF antennas or the ADFA (automatic DF antenna) the SignalShark family of handheld, rackmount or outdoor units brings the best of both worlds to angle of arrival (AOA) or time difference of arrival (TDOA) DF techniques.

Various dedicated software options and Python scripts mean the SignalShark is incredibly versatile and can be configured for your specific application: spectrogram, live persistence spectrum, level meter, automatic DF antenna control, horizontal scan (azimuth & elevation), SCPI remote control, VITA 49 based I/Q data streaming, supports various third party remote spectrum monitoring and decoding software packages.

Couple that flexibility with class leading RF performance (DANL  preamp off/on: -162 dBm/Hz / -169 dBm/Hz) and you have a powerful combination.

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