Small size, large capability

Originally aimed at field engineers installing and testing microwave links the versatile Spectrum Compact can be used for many other applications such as radar or satcom maintenance and test. Now with 5G taking base stations above 24 GHz the new 24-40 GHz SC analyser provides a truly handheld solution for walk tests etc. at a fraction of the cost of traditional portable spectrum analysers. Designed for field use:

  • Instant ON/OFF
  • Completely stand alone
  • -15 to +55 operating temperature range
  • Intuitive control and interactive GUI with instant On/Off functionality
  • Resistive LCD touchscreen enables operation wearing gloves

Spectrum Compact

Ultra-compact form factor
Compatible with different antennas & systems
Resistive LCD touchscreen
Free Spectrum Manager PC software
IP54 Rating
4 hour battery life


Spectrum Compact

The Spectrum Compact series of palm sized analysers cover the frequency range 10 MHz to 87 GHz. Originally designed for microwave point to point troubleshooting the unit size has made the unit ideal for a variety of field work. From maintenance tasks to use by national regulators to defence situational awareness the small size and ease of use makes the Spectrum Compact a favourite for field use.

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