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RadMan 2LT & 2XT

The RadMan 2LT competes head to head on price with other low cost monitors on the market. Unlike those other monitors the RadMan 2 is designed, manufactured and calibrated in Germany by Narda, the world leader in EMF safety solutions, providing the reliability, quality and full specifications that you expect in a safety device.

The RadMan XT is also a cost effective solution when you need to cover higher frequencies e.g. the 5G 26 GHz band (as well as covering lower frequency applications such as MF broadcast). Both units are supplied with a belt/climbing harness adaptor and lanyard for operation away from the body. Again both models have an alarm response shaped to ICNIRP reference levels and data logging capability. Battery life is very good with up to 800 hours of operation on a single charge, charging is via a standard USB-C connector.

RadMan 2LT & XT models are both usually in UK stock for quick delivery.

Key Features

  • RadMan 2LT; low cost, 50 MHz to 8 GHz
  • RadMan 2XT; 900 kHz to 60 GHz 
  • Long battery life
  • Rugged IP65 design
  • Automatic sensor test 

Download the RadMan 2 Datasheet


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