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Radman 2LT & XT in UK stock

The Radman 2 personal monitor is designed and manufactured by Narda, the byword for EMF safety for over 50 years. Don't be mislead by cheaper (or more expensive) copies, as the world leader in EMF safety, Narda is able to underwrite the specifications in a way you can trust which is obviously what you need in a safety device. We don't try to confuse you with meaningless marketing waffle, incomplete data or omit important specification details.

Both the Radman 2LT & Radman 2XT are accepted for use on Arqiva sites - we don't say 'Arqiva approved' as we work closely with Arqiva and know they don't 'approve' monitors, they accept monitors that can be used on their sites. The Radman 2 LT personal monitor is a high quality low cost unit designed primarily for telecoms applications and the wider frequency range Radman 2XT supports higher frequency 5G bands. Both units are held in UK stock for quick delivery.

Download the Radman 2 data sheet here.


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