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Narda FieldMan A/D converter

Often when manufacturers introduce new equipment it renders older equipment obsolete. Not so with the transition from the Narda NBM series to the Narda FieldMan.

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Narda Fieldman meter & probes

The Narda Fieldman is a brand new EMF safety measurement solution. The meter doesn't require calibration as probes for the Fieldman are digital, transmitting data via a USB or optical interface so in effect the meter becomes a display and as such doesn't need calibrating. It supports a range of probes and analysers covering electric or magnetic field measurements from DC to 90 GHz.

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Narda webinars 14th & 15th March 2023

Upcoming webinars from Narda: 

Fieldman; 0 to 90 GHz; information on the brand new successor to the established NBM-500 series, digital probes and what that means to you. Tuesday 14th March 8am & Wednesday 15th March 4pm. Click here to register.


5G in a nutshell; Part 6; new information and solutions regarding 5G code selective measurements.Tuesday 14th March 4pm & Wednesday 15th March 8am. Click here to register.

Narda SRM-3006 5G FR2 probes

As we’ve said before 5G measurements can be as easy or as complicated as you care to make them. The easiest way is with broadband probes but these don’t provide frequency information. So if you do want more detail the SRM-3006 range now includes probes covering 24.25 to 29.5 GHz for 5G FR2 measurements.

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Register of RF Workers Annual Meeting

This year's annual meeting of the National Register of RF Workers is an online event on Wednesday 28th April. As in previous years there is a truly impressive line up of speakers  presenting on topical EMF safety subjects and this year it's no surprise that 5G is on the agenda. There will also be presentations directly relating to managing RF safety, ICNIRP 2020 guidelines & Ofcom regulations. 

The purpose of the meeting is to promote the Register of RF Workers. If through the course of your work you are exposed to field strengths above general public levels you should consider signing up to the Register. For details on the purposes of the Register and how to sign up click here.

For further information and to sign up for the free online annual meeting please click here.  

EMF safety awareness training 20th April 2021

We're running an online half day EMF safety awareness training course on April 20th. It's suitable for anyone categorised as an 'EMF worker' i.e. someone possibly exposed to significant field strengths through the course of their work, this could be in the defence, aerospace, telecoms, broadcast or industrial sectors. Rather than a simple list of dos & don'ts we provide enough information to help with risk perception and how to perform a basic EMF safety risk assessment which ultimately saves lost time due to false alarms but also being able to identify when a situation is likely to be truly hazardous. For further information see our EMF safety awareness training page.

EMF safety management training 23rd Feb 2021

We're running an online EMF safety management course on Tuesday 23rd February. It's aimed at anyone who has EMF safety responsibilities: health and safety professionals, managers. supervisors etc. As well as explaining the background behind the EMF Directive / CEMFAW Regulations 2016 the course also covers EMF risk assessments, typical prevention and protection measures, how to cater for workers at particular risk and what to consider when preparing an EMF safety policy. For further information click here.

Telecoms EMF measurement training 26th Jan 2021

We've added an extra date in January for an online training course focussed on telecoms related EMF safety measurements. The course follows our standard format of background info, details and application of CEMFAW Regulations and how to perform measurement based EMF assessments but with a bias towards telecoms. Practical examples involve general public measurements, rooftop & tower applications discussing broadcast and telecoms services including 5G. Places cost £115. To book or for further information just call or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Radman 2XT variable alarm threshold

The Radman, the original E&H field personal monitor, got a lot of updates and improvements when the Radman 2 was launched. Now the Radman 2 is even more versatile with a brand new model with variable alarm threshold settings.

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EMF Safety measurement training 19th Jan 2021

We've taken our popular EMF safety measurement course online. It's useful for anyone who needs to perform measurements as part of EMF risk assessments required by the CEMFAW Regulations. We cover practical examples ranging from resistance welding and non-destructive testing at the low frequency end to 4G & 5G measurements and defence applications like radar at the high frequency end. The information provided covers the basis of the permissible exposure levels in the workplace, employer requirements under the regulations and when required how to perform measurements. For further information click here.     

5G code selective measurement

To date measuring telecoms signals has been fairly straightforward but 5G & beam forming has changed that. Spot measurements i.e. recording field strength at a given location and time period are still easy enough but if you want to extrapolate to a worst case field strength then your measurement instrument needs to be able to cope with very wide instantaneous bandwidths or be able to decode the 5G signal in such a way that makes extrapolation possible.

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DC-1kHz low frequency magnetic field measurements

The HP-01 & NBM-550 is a powerful combination of magnetometer probe and hand-held field meter that offers a complete, portable solution for taking safety measurements in workplaces where personnel are at risk from the effects of strong magnetic fields. 

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Radman 2 low cost EMF personal monitor

The Radman 2 LT is is a brand new low-cost personal EMF safety monitor, it offers the accuracy and quality of tried-and-tested technology, together with several new features and well-thought out ergonomics.

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HP-01 magnetometer; time varying & static magnetic fields from 10µT to 10T

The HP-01 magnetometer provides a straightforward means of taking safety measurements in workplaces where personnel are at risk from the effects of static or time-varying magnetic fields. Manufactured by Narda Safety Test Solutions, the device features an extremely wide measurement range of 10µT to 10T, while built-in orthogonally mounted Hall-effect sensors allow the field to be determined with a single measurement in any direction. The HP-01 is ideal for taking measurements to ensure compliance with the Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations 2016, which are the transposition into UK law of EU Directive 2013/35/EU.

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Radman Mobile

The Radman Mobile is a compact entry-level RF personal monitor that has been designed to provide a cost-effective means of alerting telecoms workers to the presence of strong electromagnetic fields.

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CEMFAW Regulations 2016 training course

We've updated our EMF Directive 2013/35/EU trainining course to include the UK specific Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work (CEMFAW) Regulations 2016, which came into force on 1st July as the transposition of Directive 2013/35/EU into UK law.

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Trade-in special offer

Until 31st March 2016 we are offering 20% discount on any Narda Safety Test Solutions NBM series meters and probes against a trade-in of any comparable EMF safety measurement equipment e.g. Narda 8600, 8700 or EMR series, PMM 8053, Raham. Use the contact form or call 01256 355771 so we can arrange a quotation.

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EMF directive risk assessments made easy

The new ELT400 provides an easy means for health and safety professionals in the rail industry to prove compliance with the impending EMF directive, which comes into force in July 2016.

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