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EMF safety awareness training 20th April 2021

We're running an online half day EMF safety awareness training course on April 20th. It's suitable for anyone categorised as an 'EMF worker' i.e. someone possibly exposed to significant field strengths through the course of their work, this could be in the defence, aerospace, telecoms, broadcast or industrial sectors. Rather than a simple list of dos & don'ts we provide enough information to help with risk perception and how to perform a basic EMF safety risk assessment which ultimately saves lost time due to false alarms but also being able to identify when a situation is likely to be truly hazardous. For further information see our EMF safety awareness training page.

"Staff were committed to helping us"

All the relevant information was conveyed in an easily digestible manner by friendly and knowledgeable tutors.

Safety consultancy - UK

"Would recommend this training to others"

Great training. Useful and applicable information with clear presentation.

Broadcast company - UK

"Great course"

Great course. I feel much more confident with the subject matter

Government organisation - Ireland


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