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Radman 2LT & Radman 2XT calibration

We're pleased to announce that our UK Radman 2 calibration facility is up and running.

Even though the maximum calibration interval on both the Radman 2LT & 2XT is a healthy 3 years we recognise that when calibration is due turn round time is critical and it needs to be measured in days and hours not weeks - return for a factory calibration just doesn't fit the required timescales.

Radman 2 calibration

We operate under licence from Narda, the equipment manufacturer, so you're assured a factory level of service. Unlike cheap 'checks' a true calibration includes adjustment/optimisation so that the unit is functioning as best it can, an important consideration for a safety device.

If you have Radman units (or any other Narda products) that require calibration don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll advise pricing and estimated turn round time.


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