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The SignalShark and IDA 2 from Narda Test Solutions are dedicated direction finding & signal analysers.

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Unlike generic handheld spectrum analysers Narda offer a number of easy to use features dedicated to direction finding and signal analysis.

Operating over the frequency range 8 kHz to 8 GHz the SignalShark combines a frequency scanner/receiver, transmitter detector, spectrum analyzer, signal analyzer and triangulation software in a single mobile device. The sets also include precision directional antennas with built in switchable preamplifier and electronic compass.

Features:Narda SignalShark

  • Extremely fast scan rate up to 40 GHz/s
  • 40 MHZ real time instantaneous bandwidth
  • Powerful live persistence spectrum to identify hidden signals
  • 100% POI for signals >3.125 µS
  • High dynamic range (HDR) receiver
  • High level accuracy. 


YouTube SignalShark dynamic range comparison


The Narda Test Solutions remote spectrum analysers have been specially developed for remote controlled operation.

The SignalShark Remote offers all the signal monitoring benefits of the hand held unit but in a 19 inch 1 HU rack mount or smaller custom housing (ideal for vehicle installation). SCPI reference commands and VITA 49 compliant I/Q streaming makes system integration relatively easy but it's the excellent RF characteristics that mean you capture signals that other systems miss. SignalShark Remote


  • Fast scan rate of up to 50 GHz/s
  • 40 MHz real-time instantaneous bandwidth with FFTs up to 16,384 points with at least 75% FFT overlap 
  • Independent FFT & receiver path
  • VITA 49 streaming with a sample rate up to 25.6 MHz
  • Four switchable RF inputs



Combine the SignalShark with the automatic direction finding antenna (ADFA) and you have a powerful monitoring system.

 ADFA 1 covers the frequency range 200 MHz to 2.7 GHz and has high DF accuracy, high immunity to reflections, can identify a signal bearing in 2.5 ms and is available with a mag-mount kit for mobile applications or can be used in a fixed location as part of a permanent direction finding and monitoring system. 


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