This course is designed to provide information for anyone who has EMF safety management responsibilities. It explains the facts behind the EMF Directive / CEMFAW Regulations, EMF risk assessments, typical prevention and protection measures, what to consider when dealing with workers at particular risk and what to consider when preparing an EMF safety policy.

Businesses using a variety of applications and processes that produce EMF by design or as an unintentional bi-product e.g. resistance welding, induction heating, dielectric welding, non-destructive testing, radio & TV broadcast, telecommunications, radar, medical diathermy and RF plasma devices are required to perform EMF risk assessments. Hence employers working with EMF in the telecoms, broadcast, defence, aerospace, industrial, scientific and medical sectors often need to have EMF safety processes and policy in place. For example, if you have an employee with an active implanted medical device (AIMD) working with any of a wide range of radiofrequency devices, some seemingly quite benign, then you will need to perform a specific risk assessment. 

Often it’s assumed the subject is too complicated and a consultant is required but in reality, most issues come down to common sense and knowing where to obtain relevant information. Our one-day online course is designed to provide health and safety professionals or anyone in a management or supervisory role with the background knowledge required to work efficiently with the requirements of the CEMFAW Regulations, perform an EMF risk assessment and prepare, improve or update a company EMF safety policy.

The course includes 4 to 5 hours of presentations and case studies but with breaks, it takes most of a working day.

For more information about booking a private in-house training session for your company, please get in touch or give us a call on 01256 355771.

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What will be covered?
  • The Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations 2016
  • Exposure Limit Values & Action Values
  • Workers at particular risk
  • Assessment of risks & determining exposure
  • Provisions aimed at reducing or avoiding risks
  • Worker information & training
  • A typical EMF safety policy
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