The Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations 2016 placed specific requirements on employers to perform EMF risk assessments. Whilst the bulk of EMF risk assessments don’t require measurements (information from equipment manufacturers etc. will usually suffice) when measurements are required it’s often surprising how quickly an apparent problem can be resolved.

Measurements are often easy to perform yet many shy away from the subject thinking it is a complicated process. Often it’s just a case of knowing what measurement equipment is appropriate for the task and after that the measurements themselves are straightforward. That said it’s important to know the limitations of your measurement equipment but with a little training a quick sanity check will identify possible errors and problems.

We’ll provide examples of real world measurement scenarios such as resistance welding, dielectric welding, non-destructive testing, radio & TV broadcast, telecommunications, medical diathermy and radar.

Our one day course is designed to give you the background knowledge to enable you to perform EMF safety measurements and put the results in context with EMF safety regulations. For those with no previous experience the course won’t make you an expert but it will certainly start you in the right direction so that you’ll have the confidence to start safely gaining measurement experience. The course also provides pointers and updates for more experienced EMF safety professionals.

For more information about booking a private in-house training session for your company, please get in touch or give us a call on 01256 355771.

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What will be covered?
  • Low & high frequency measurements
  • Workers at particular risk
  • Broadband measurements
  • Frequency selective measurements
  • Measurement uncertainty
  • Measurement reports
  • Case studies; welding, induction heating, radar, telecoms
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