In-house expertise

Our engineering team has all the necessary disciplines to build systems and sub-systems for our clients: CAD, electronics & RF & microwave design, programming, assembly & test. 

We can take an idea or concept to a finished product or work to a design specification.

We build systems for test or production applications as diverse as amplifier combiners or switch matrices to an explosive detection system.

More about our capability

System design & manufacture

Today’s systems require a mix of mechanical, electronic and software knowledge and that’s mirrored in the knowledge & skill base of our engineering team. Throw into the mix our expertise in optical, RF & microwave technology and we have a very broad system design capability.

We work with organisations from SMEs to defence primes and government organisations on various engineering projects across the complete range of technology readiness levels.

Because we’re a relatively small business we’re responsive, able to respond quickly to client needs, bringing early stage ideas and concepts to prototype and production stage hardware on short timescales.


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