RF personal monitor: 100 kHz to 100 GHz

The Nardalert S3 is the only personal monitor that uses a thermocouple and low frequency displacement current sensor. This means it can cover low frequency applications like LF or MF broadcast as well as accurately monitoring pulsed systems such as radar – this is something that simple diode based monitors which can vastly over or under-estimate radar signals.

Sensor technology was improved in the Nardalert S3 by re-designing not only the sensor itself, but also by packaging it in a field replaceable cartridge that contains all the electronic data necessary to maintain calibrated operation. This feature allows your Nardalert S3 to stay in service by swapping in a replacement sensor cartridge.

Nardalert S3 Key Features

Field replaceable sensor modules
Color LCD display & multi-colour alarm LEDs
USB interface for data and charging
Interchangeable lanyard and belt clips
Comprehensive software included
Fibre optic port for remote monitoring

Nardalert S3


Narda designed their first personal monitor nearly 40 years ago. This unparalleled expertise produced the Nardalert S3 (short for Nardalert series three) replacing all previous versions of the Nardalert including the very successful Nardalert XT.

In terms of the sensor technology it employs the Nardalert S3 remains as the most advanced personal monitor on the market. The low frequency sensor enables use in low frequency fields where simple diode based  monitors will give false alarms because of E-field reflections from the user’s body.  For pulsed systems like Radar, diode detectors can be wildly inaccurate – once the pulse takes the diode out of its square law/true RMS region it can overestimate the signal by many dB. The high frequency thermocouple sensor in the Nardalert S3 provides true square law operation for frequencies up to 100 GHz.

Whilst the Radman 2LT & Radman 2XT provide an excellent telecoms solution, the Nardalert S3 with it’s wide frequency range and sophisticated sensor technology  make it ideal for more demanding applications.

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