Design, production & test

High specification products for aerospace, defence & commercial wireless applications.

We’re experts in the supply of an incredibly wide range of radio frequency (RF) & microwave components; off the shelf or build to order, connectorised passive, active & surface mount.


RF & microwave components

High specification, hi-rel to low cost commercial

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Whatever the application

we’re very likely to have a solution for you. Because we have our own in-house RF & microwave design capability we know only too well what it’s like trying to source the right specification with the right lead time at the right price.

We pride ourselves on adding value, be that with design expertise, either in-house or just assisting with your design, stocking, drop-shipping, quality assurance, compliance with ITAR and any other compliance issues.

From oscillators to micro electro-mechanical switches to LNAs to SSPAs to Magnetrons & TWTs, very high power ferrites for scientific facilities, microwave food processing systems to MMICs & microwave diodes plus of course our full range of passive components we have a huge and diverse portfolio of RF & microwave products.

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