Lightweight & pin-point accuracy

Sunsight Antenna Alignment Tools (AATs) are an easy to use, robust, highly accurate solution for antenna installations.

What sets Sunsight AATs apart is not just their weight and ease of use but their accuracy. With network optimisation at an ever increasing premium Sunsight AATs ensure that operators get the most from their antenna configurations.

The AAT, AAT mini & AAT max provide fast alignment solutions for all types of telecoms antennas: line of sight (LoS) microwave links or sector antennas.

AAT Key Features

Align antenna azimuth, tilt, roll & height to the tightest specifications
Supports UK & Irish national coordinate systems
Send reports directly from the site using any device (Android, iOS, Windows etc.)
Calibration in the field: no annual return to the factory
Simultaneous alignment of both ends of LoS links or install of links with just one team.
Link alignment regardless of distance

Antenna Alignment Tools

Why use Sunsight

Antenna alignment is recorded in terms of azimuth, tilt & roll whilst also providing height above ground level. A Sunsight AAT is simple to operate and can provide measurable results to any WiFi-enabled device instantly creating a permanent record of antenna alignment for accountability & traceability. Reports record the final alignment specification including latitude/longitude, azimuth, tilt & height with the date and time stamp. Reports can be downloaded in PDF or CSV format.

The AAT Mini is the updated version of the popular AAT30.

A Sunsight AAT offers great cost of ownership: 3 year warranty, calibration in the field so no annual returns to the factory and of course robust & durable, designed for the rugged environment in which AATs are used.


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