EMF safety assessments

Because you know your own EMF hazards and workplace practices it’s usually better if you are able to perform your own EMF safety assessments and this can include field strength measurements.

But in some circumstances it might be necessary to find some additional expertise and in that instance we’re here to help. Our measurement experience covers every thing from low frequency industrial applications like resistance welding and non-destructive testing to broadcast and telecoms to air traffic control and defence radar systems.  

More about EMF safety assessments

EMF safety expertise

Because EMF safety is a niche subject it can seem more complicated than it actually is and that’s where we come in. EMF safety is what we do so we understand the detail and we’re good at explaining in simple terms what is necessary under the EMF Directive or Control of Electromagnetic Field at work (CEMFAW) Regulations including how to cater for workers at particular risk.

If the assessment relates to members of the general public we can explain what ICNIRP compliance is all about.

We work with broadcast and telecoms organisations where tower and mast EMF safety surveys are a particular area of our expertise, industrial manufacturers, aerospace and defence companies, local authorities and other government organisations. Our surveys can feed into a broader assessment which provides information for necessary actions, informs your EMF safety policy or can be  used as a template for further in-house measurements.

If you have a question about EMF safety surveys or anything EMF safety related please just get in touch, we’re happy to help.

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