Instruments, sub-systems, amplifiers & components

Frequency converters, translators, redundant switchover units, amplifier systems, video products, INMARSAT products, equalizer products, uplink power and control products.

Class leading rotary joints for satcom on the move (SOTM) and various other waveguide products including orthomode transducers (OMTs).

Satcom products

Installations worldwide

More about Satcom

Defence & commercial

Narda-Miteq is well known in the satcom industry with thousands of installations worldwide serving both defence and commercial markets. From fibre optic products to frequency converters to LNAs Narda-Miteq offer a wide range of dedicated satcom solutions.

At Link Microtek we also design and manufacture a range of class leading microwave rotary joints which again are fitted in systems around the world. For further information see our design section.



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