High specification RF & microwave components

Passive products include dividers, couplers, isolators, circulators, attenuators and terminations, both connectorised and waveguide solutions.

We supply high specification passive components into the aerospace, defence and medical sectors, test and measurement laboratories  and high volume industrial applications.

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A truly massive product range

We’ve been supplying high specification, hi-rel, high power components into demanding applications for nearly 30 years. We’re RF & microwave engineers so we’ve been in your shoes, designing & building systems & performing measurements. We understand the type of specifications that you need for laboratory/test applications, equally we understand where specifications can be compromised a little to provide lower cost solutions.  So whether it’s a hi-rel flight or space environment or a high volume low cost requirement we’ll have something to offer.

We have too many products to list so please contact us with brief details of what you need and we’ll get straight back to you.

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