Workplace & environmental EMF monitors

The Narda SMARTS II area monitor is used for occupational applications typically monitoring a high power installation that has a known and predictable failure mode.

The SMARTS AMC is can be fitted with different probes to cover frequency ranges up to 60 GHz and is designed for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Alternatively Narda AMB series area monitors are typically used for environmental purposes; usually solar powered and operated remotely they continuously monitor field strength in public areas so data can be published on or directly linked to a national or local authority website.

More about Area Monitors

EMF area monitors & field prediction software

The SMARTS monitors are designed more for occupational applications, particularly the SMARTS II. The SMARTS AMC is more versatile and can be used for a variety of monitoring applications.

Area monitors are a valuable tool in dealing with public risk perception regarding EMF emissions. Whilst measurement surveys can demonstrate low field strengths in public areas it’s difficult to capture results 24/7. An environmental monitor does just that i.e. provides a continuous plot of field strength over time. Narda AMB monitors have been installed in hundreds of locations across Europe providing national and local authorities with detailed data to present to concerned members of the public.

It’s worth noting that another means of assessing fields in public areas is to use field prediction software. Narda EFC-400 software packages are able to calculate both low (ELF) and high frequency (e.g. telecoms) fields and provide a 3d field strength map. These packages are aimed at professional users who are able to obtain and input the necessary technical information.

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