The RadMan 2LT competes head to head on price with other low cost monitors. Unlike those other monitors the RadMan 2 is designed and manufactured in Germany by Narda, the world leader in EMF safety solutions, providing the reliability, quality and full specifications that you expect in a safety device.

The RadMan 2LT is supplied with a belt/climbing harness adaptor and lanyard for operation away from the body. Again both models have an alarm response shaped to ICNIRP reference levels and data logging capability. Battery life is very good with up to 800 hours of operation on a single charge, charging is via a standard USB-C connector. The maximum recommended calibration interval is a healthy 3 years and our calibration facility in Basingstoke provides the quick turnaround required to make sure units are available when you need them .

New RadMan 2LT & XT models are held in UK stock for quick delivery.

RadMan 2LT Key Features

RadMan 2LT; low cost, 50 MHz to 8 GHz
Long battery life (800 hours)
Rugged IP65 design
Automatic sensor test
Harness attachment
3 year calibration interval

RadMan 2LT


The RadMan 2LT Radiation Monitor is designed to provide a warning when field strengths are starting to become significant with regard to permissible exposure levels – typically ‘Action Levels’. When workers are required to enter the immediate area around sources of relatively strong fields like broadcast and telecoms systems the Radman 2 is used as a flexible, easy to use, rugged personal warning device that is capable of providing accurate alarms in multiple signal environments such as rooftops or towers.

Alarms are generated in terms of a percentage of the Action Level i.e. 100% represents the maximum that workers should be exposed without further investigation and action (hence Action Level). To provide a margin of safety most organisation use 50% alarms as a warning to trigger further investigation.

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